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What causes condensation on the outside of a toilet tank, and is there any way to stop it from forming?


Condensation on the outside of a toilet tank is the result of humid air in the room coming in contact with the cold tank. You’ve seen this happen on a glass filled with a cold drink. Condensation on a toilet tank is most often a problem in the summer and humid climates; but can also be a problem in the winter. Houses on well water suffer a great deal from this problem. Houses built beginning in the ’70’s are more air-tight and energy efficient, consequently humidity is easily trapped indoors.


Here are a few more causes/solutions: Pay particular attention to the first suggestion!


Is the toilet leaking? A constant exchange of fresh cold water in the tank will cause condensation to form on the outside of the tank when the humidity is high in the bathroom. Check the toilet for leaks.


Is there enough ventilation in the bathroom? You may need to install an exhaust fan.


In the winter, the condensation maybe caused by using a humidifier on your heating system. If so, can the humidifier be adjusted?


Hope these help!

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