PART II – Inside your heating system

Since you’ve thoroughly read all about the outside of your heating system, and still can’t decipher the problem, let’s investigate the inside, shall we? We do strongly recommend you call a qualified heating contractor however.

Burner Compartment: Open the burner compartment, then stand back a few feet. The flame you should see is blue and steady. Yellow means your furnace may need air adjustment. Don’t do this alone!

Filters: Whether you use a permanent furnace filter that’s vacuumed off or disposable paper filters, you need to tend to then before cold weather hits, and then once a month during the heating season. With disposables, it is important to install the correct size in the right direction! Use the arrows on the filter as a guide. If you have pulled out a plugged filter but do not have a new one on hand, leave it off! It can do more harm to the furnace than running without one. 

House cleaning: Do not bang around it with a vacuum cleaner – you can jostle the wires or other sensitive components. Wipe off dust and grime instead!

ELECTRIC HEAT: Take not of the following pointers; Turn down the thermostat if you are out of the room to conserve energy. Make sure that the baseboard units are clear or furniture, drapes, carpets and other items to keep the air flow patterns working properly. If there is scorch or burn around the baseboard, you may have problems brewing. Call a contractor.

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